Glimmer Me Up (Full Cat Grooming)

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  • Get Your Pet a Luxurious Spa Treatment!

The Full Grooming Service for Your Feline Friend

Our 'Glimmer Me Up' full cat grooming service encompasses everything your furry friend needs to look and feel their best. From a stylish haircut or shave to luxurious pampering with a bath, tooth brushing, and conditioning, our grooming experts have your pet’s well-being in mind.

Keeping your cat's coat in top-notch condition is made easy with our dedicated brushing or de-shedding service. Your feline companion will leave our salon feeling fresh and fabulous with a professional blow-dry and style.

Our top-notch grooming service extends to nail clipping, as well as cleaning of the eyes and ears to ensure your pet is comfortable and healthy. While the mention might seem funny, anal gland cleaning is a necessary part of cat grooming, and we conduct it efficiently to prevent any discomfort or health issues for your pet.

Glimmer Me Up (Full Cat Grooming)