Short & Sweet (Dog Bath Mobile Grooming)

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  • Get Your Pet a Luxurious Spa Treatment!

The Ultimate Dog Wash Experience

Introducing our Short & Sweet (Dog Bath), a luxurious treatment that goes beyond a simple bath. Your beloved pet will bask in the pampering of this spa-like experience, leaving them feeling and looking better than ever.

Revitalizing Shampoo

The premium shampoo blends nourishing ingredients to cleanse your pet's coat thoroughly while promoting overall skin health. Say goodbye to dirt and odor, and hello to a shiny, lustrous finish.

Nourishing Conditioner

Followed by a hydrating conditioner that detangles and softens fur, our treatment pampers both the hair and skin. Your dog will radiate health and vitality with this enriching formula.

Gentle Massage

Each bath includes a relaxing massage that soothes your dog's body and relieves stress while stimulating blood circulation. It's a moment of bliss that your furry friend will look forward to.

Comforting Dry

After the refreshing bath, your pet is gently dried with a warm towel, ensuring a comfortable and cozy finish. The attention to detail in this comforting process will leave your dog looking and feeling pampered.

Paws and Ears Specialist Care

Our expert groomers pay special attention to the delicate areas of paws and ears during the bath, ensuring every inch of your pet is cleansed and cared for. The comforting process enhances the overall spa experience.

Revitalizing Fragrance

Finished with a touch of dog-friendly perfume, your pet will not only smell delightful but also feel revitalized. It's a finishing touch that completes the luxurious Short & Sweet (Dog Bath) experience.

Why Choose Our Short & Sweet (Dog Bath)

  • Expertise-backed spa treatment for dogs
  • Hydrating, revitalizing ingredients
  • Gentle massage and drying
  • Specialist care for paws and ears
  • A sensory-rich experience for pets

Pamper your furry friend with our Short & Sweet (Dog Bath) and see the difference it can make in their overall well-being. Shop now and treat your dog to a spa experience that truly pampers.


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